Undefining You - Undefining Joy

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

Joy is the energy of gratitude for being alive.  You get to choose it whenever you want to choose it.  How much joy do you allow yourself to have?  And where do you cut it off?

Choosing joy is weird to most of the world. How weird are you willing to be?
How extremely joyful are you willing to be?

What if you could find the humor in any situation?  It's not about cutting off awareness, it's about being aware and finding the joy in everything.

When you are wiling to have fun, the things you would like to create in the world happen a lot faster; versus when you are serious and trying to get it done.

When you are joyful, you are undefinable and uncontrolable

Watch this video for more on undefining joy.



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