Undefining You - Undefining Judgment


Judgment is not real.  Turning it up in the face of judgment brings you to true choice.  If, however, it's sticking you, there is somewhere in your world where you are aligning and agreeing with it.  Ask, "If this wasn't true, then what would it be?"

Watch this video for how to be with the energy of judgment instead of shrinking from it or avoiding it.

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Undefining You - Undefining Relaxation


What have you defined relaxation as?  When you start to undefine it, you are free to choose the space of ease with everything that you do.

Ask, "What is the energy of this 10 seconds?" and be present with it, for the mantra of Access Consciousness, all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory, to actualize in everything you choose and do.

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Undefining You - Avoidance


Where do you shut down, pull your energy out and avoid something or someone rather than just showing up and being present with it? How much of every day do you not show up, hide, cut off to the side or not be here?

When you let go of the definitions you have of that thing or person, and of you in relation to the thing or person, and just show up, it brings more ease and more joy!

Watch this video for tools to show up with ease, joy and glory

Want to dive deeper? Join Marnie on her zoom call, The Avoidance Trap, 29 July 2020.


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Undefining You - Undefining Commitment


How many times do you have the point of view that because you said yes to something, you must do it; that you are committed?
There is an alternative space of honoring people and honoring yourself.  It's not about, "I'm not going to do it" or "I must do it," it's about asking a question, "What else is possible here?"

Watch this video to use your energy for you rather than against you, by allowing the universe to contribute to you with what could be rather than what you think should be.

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Undefining You as the Anomaly


When I was 6, I put a lot of energy into trying to not be the anomaly, instead of enjoying being different.  I thought there was something wrong with me and that I had to try and figure out the world and blend in.  But all that resulted in was me becoming totally depressed.

What if your difference is the most brilliant thing about you?  What if you were never wrong? Watch this video to find out more about the brilliance of you as an anomaly.


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