When you look in the mirror you see you,
so why let another define you?

And yet, that is exactly what we do.
We allow the judgments and labels of others to dictate the way we see ourselves. What if you could let all of that go and create You as You would like to be every moment of every day? You can. IF you have the courage to undefine you.

This week...

Undefining Difference with guest Graci

How different are you? How happy are you - really? Do you turn yourself down so others won't judge you? What if you didn't? What if you allowed yourself to be as happy and different as you truly be?

Join Marnie Barranco and special guest, Access Consciousness Young Leader Graci, as we chat about this and a whole lot more!
To find out what the young leaders are up to and connect with them, go here!  https://linktr.ee/Youngleadersfuture 

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